Peachy Keen Films – Strip Search

Pretty, Red-Head Pepper heads to reaction a knock on the door, and is not astonished to witness it is a police officer. She has made some scanty life choices and now they are coming back to chase her. She has made peace with that part of herself, tho’, and invites the officer inwards. He conforms her a warrant for her arrest and tells her to get her boots on, because he is taking her down to the police station. She joyfully obeys. Fairly frankly, the idea turns her on. Tapping into her enslaved side, she smirks as the stoic, uniformed dude puts cuffs on her, puffies getting taller and a habitual warmth rising inbetween her hips.

He brings her to an strange police station, stark and naked of any insignia or decoration, the walls all a uniform dark-hued. There is a single bench and the law officer tells Pepper to wait there for processing. It’s boring in the drab apartment, the uber-cute felon left on her own to stew. She fidgets, jumpy about what will come next. The same stud comes back and eliminates her handcuffs, informing her that he must do a unclothe search. First-ever, come off the footwear and socks. Next, her tee-shirt and cut-offs, leaving the adorable youthfull criminal to stand in her brassiere and undies. Those must come off, as well, every inch of her pallid, sleek flesh on demonstrate. As if having to undress in front of a masculine police officer wasn’t abjecting enough, he orders her to perform a number of degrading maneuvers to check for any concealed items.

He investigates the inwards of her hatch, tells her to hoist her pert cupcakes and has her arch over, pull her rump cheeks apart and cough. She is photographed, her bare photos destined to be transferred around the police station for the amusement of the officers. After a few more abjecting procedures, she is positioned in cuffs once more, ankle fetters as an extra restraint, and left to wait, downright bare. Contemplating what this callous approach may mean for her future, she is still astonished when the officer comebacks and draws his gun, pointing it at her. He fires, point blank, directly into her torso. She falls to the floor, squirming in anguish, as blood trickles from the fuck-hole in her tit. Choking as her lung crams with blood, her eyes go broad and limbs, tho still shackled, thrash about. The boy witnesses for a short while and then fires two times more, one to the tummy and another in her other bap, killing her. He ambles away, leaving skimpy Pepper dead, in chains and lounging gracelessly on the cold floor.


File: Peachy+Keen+Films-Strip+Search.avi
Size: 162756480 bytes (155,22 MiB), duration: 00:27:55, avg.bitrate: 777 kb/s
Audio: mp2, 44100 Hz, stereo, 128 kb/s
Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 768×432, 23,98 fps(r)


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